About Us

The Centre for Journalism Innovation and Development (CJID), formerly the Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism (PTCIJ), is a West African media innovation and development think (and do) tank.

Who We Are


Strengthen West Africa’s journalism sector to promote democratic accountability in the service of inclusive and sustainable development.


Enable a media landscape that advances the values of democracy.

Our Mandate

Build the capacity of the media to become more informed and innovative institutions well positioned as central players in today’s knowledge societies.

Up-skilling civil society and government institutions for appropriate engagement of the media and utilization of other communication resources.

Advocating media and communication rights and the expansion of media resources to all sections of the population.

Conducting and facilitating groundbreaking investigations on corruption, human rights abuses, abuse of power and due process among others.

Crafting compelling evidence based narratives of development for the West African region.

Building sustainable media franchises through technology and business model innovations for a digital age.

Redefining a culture of accountability media in all West African newsrooms.

Our Key Achievements

Core Values






Your report on advancing political accountability through investigative journalism, the very high number of unique page views (10 million) and social media views (42 million) are indications of the popularity of your work. Your contributions to the outcome of the 2015 elections, internet privacy, investigative journalism, data journalism are commendable. Bringing attention to the flight of IDPs and corruption in the security sector has been helpful.

Kole Shettima


PTCIJ training will impact on my work because I now have an insight into how to go about investigating security related issues in my area especially insurgency and military operations in Adamawa State.

Godiya Samdi


This Dubawa fact-checking project will help me become the type of journalist I want to be. With the kind of fake news space we find ourselves in as journalists, fact-checking helps in making us unique in our work.

Kennedy Twumasi


I have resolved to hold public officers accountable’ henceforth after this training on Investigative journalism and data security.

Paul Orube


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