Are you an active Nigerian journalist? Are you interested in learning and sharing experiences on fake news, the safety of journalists and journalism that matters? If so, apply to attend the 2018 IPI World Congress in Abuja, Nigeria from June 21-23.

Please send a brief motivation statement (max 150 words), your cover letter, three references. In your motivation statement, kindly answer the question ¨Why does good journalism matter?¨

Applicants who receive sponsorship will be required to produce a story on the event.

Deadline: May 25, 2018

Send applications to [email protected]

The International Press Institute (IPI) will hold its 2018 annual World Congress in Abuja, Nigeria from June 21 – 23, 2018. Under the theme “Why Good Journalism Matters“, the World Congress will affirm the indispensable role of quality media in building strong societies, showcasing investigative stories and projects that bring positive change to individuals and communities in Africa and around the world.