Natural Resources and Extractives Programme (NAREP)

Natural Resource and Extractives Program (NAREP) aims to promote natural resource and extractive sector reforms through increased in-depth, analytical media coverage that highlights the reforms needed in the governance of the sector. It hopes to build the capacity of the media to become a central player in reporting development issues in resource governance, thus advancing accountability, transparency, and good governance in the sector through open data, investigative journalism, and civic technology.

Agriculture: CJID’s agriculture project seeks to deepen research and advocacy to advance food security in West Africa. The project regularly conducts research across the agriculture value chain from farm to fork to inform media reporting and agenda setting. We regularly collect and disseminate data on various agricultural indicators including prices, policy implementation, production volumes, and international trade. We publish weekly Agric. Digits to highlight interesting agricultural data

CJID hosts an annual Agriculture Dialogue to bring together stakeholders to set the agenda on critical health issues across the region.