Media Literacy

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Our media literacy work seeks to nip misinformation and disinformation in the bud by working on the demand side, equipping the populace with digital and information literacy skills to consume information safely. This includes pre-bunking potential misinformation and providing broad-based education to journalists and the general public. Our flagship media literacy campaign is the annual Week for Truth which enlists our network of fellows and fellowship alumni to intensify our ongoing on and offline literacy campaigns.

    • Week for Truth: Usually held in October to mark media literacy week, the Week for Truth project aims at supporting efforts at countering mis- and disinformation by equipping citizens with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to engage with media and information ethically. This includes the ability to discern the veracity of the information they come across and more. Activities undertaken during the week-long campaign include webinars, general public engagement on danger and sensitisation of senior high students. Week for Truth started in Nigeria in 2019 and the rest of Dubawa’s country of operations in 2021.