The Media Freedom Project

The Media Freedom Project is keen on press freedom and freedom of expression among journalists/ media workers promoting and protecting them in the face of danger and advocating for policy changes in Nigeria and the sub-region. The project covers a cocktail of programs aimed at advancing human rights and promoting the freedom of the press as supported by the 1992 constitution and other regional and international treaties to Nigeria is a signatory. This project continues to advocate for the welfare of journalists, giving prominence to the psychosocial welfare of journalists and providing free psychosocial care to 145 journalists across the sub region.

The Press Attack Tracker is an innovative tool created with the support of Free Press Unlimited to serve as a data hub which can be used for advocacy or research for Press Freedom in Nigeria and recently for other African countries such as Gambia, Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The platform provides a heat map of threats and outright attacks on the press, thus providing data for periodic review and acting as an advocacy tool for press freedom in the wider Nigerian society. It aims to promote a truly independent media landscape that advances fundamental human rights, good governance and accountability throughout Nigeria and across Africa. The Press Attack Tracker also features a ChatBot (AsariTheBot) designed for immediate response and connection to legal help, where needed, for Nigerian journalists. The bot also safely gathers data on the frequency and types of right infringements that journalists encounter, and this enhances data-driven advocacy. Since its inception, the Press Attack Tracker has recorded over 450 verified independent cases of attacks on Nigerian journalists since 1985, which was on the rise but worsened in the last twelve years.

Coalition for Whistleblower Protection and Press Freedom (CWPPF)is a group of media and civil society organisations committed to upholding democracy and good governance by protecting the ethos of whistleblowing, freedom of expression and press freedom in Nigeria. It is an initiative rooted in the 2017 ‘No News Is Bad News Programme’ organised by Free Press Unlimited (FPU) in collaboration with the Centre for Journalism Innovation and Development (formerly Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism).

The establishment of the coalition also came at a time the whistleblower protection policy has been a topic of discussion in the Nigerian media and legal sphere. Essentially, the coalition is a response to the battle against corruption in Nigeria. The coalition hopes to create a positive impact on the Nigerian media landscape through;
● Advocating for whistleblower protection, press and internet freedom in Nigeria.
● Increasing access to information and collaborating on investigative reporting on
corruption and human rights violations.
● Building a secure, trustworthy whistleblowing platform.

The CWPPF also run the Leaks.NG a secure whistleblowing platform which allows citizens to share confidential information of public interest. The system has been designed to help you share these materials while protecting your identity, making it difficult for you to be identified as the source of information.