Human Development

Economic Development: CJID uses media research, insights, and analysis to ask questions on Nigeria’s economic development, fiscal performance, and development indicators. Our research aims to set an agenda for the government and track the Government’s commitment to economic advancement in a bid to achieve sustainable development. We regularly commission research on various issues to achieve this.

CJID advocates for open data and collates socio-economic data across the region and visualises them on its platform (Gosi means “to show” in Igbo)

Health: CJID’s health project was created to increase public awareness of health issues – through advocacy, storytelling, and open data. We do this by deploying civic technology and media insights to spotlight the challenges, neglect, and needs while holding state and non-state actors in health administration accountable in West Africa

CJID hosts an annual Health Dialogue to bring together stakeholders to set the agenda on critical health issues across the region.