CJID, CFLI  to Organise Media Freedom Symposium: Elections 2023 Security, Media and Safety 

Press Release

January 23rd, 2023: The Centre for Journalism Innovation and Development, in collaboration with the Canadian Funds For local initiative (CFLI), is set to host a Media Freedom Symposium: Elections 2023 Security, Media and Safety on 31st January 2023.

In response to the continued threats to the safety of journalists and fear of what could emerge in the wake of the 2023 elections, the Centre is set to host a symposium to commemorate the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists. 

The event will bring a range of experts in media policy, the media industry, judicial/legislative sectors, security personnel, frontline actors, and relevant international and local non -governmental organizations to reflect and proffer insights on how to protect journalists and media workers ahead of, during and post-2023 General elections. 

Deputy Manager of the Media Freedom Project said: The question of safety is central to journalists’ performance of their duties without fear or interference, yet more and more democratic governments and elected officials resort to authoritarian tendencies in the resolution of media-state conflicts. 

Additionally, election periods are typically notorious for attacks on journalists and for stifling the media ecosystem in the hope of constraining the spaces of democratic accountability, human freedom, and citizens’ liberties.”

The symposium aims to push an agenda for engaging security personnel and political parties regarding the protection of the Nigerian Press. 

In this context, security agencies and political parties will hopefully join in drafting and adhering to a pact to protect journalists and the press ahead of and during the elections. 

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