Capacity Building

Kwame Karikari Fact-checking and Research Fellowship
Named after Professor Kwame Karikari, redoubtable media freedom advocate and founder of the Media Foundation for West Africa, MFWA, the Fact-checking and Research Fellowships are designed to promote accountability of public institutions, institutionalize the art and culture of fact-checking in newsrooms, and build knowledge around the phenomenon in the Anglophone axis of the West African sub-region. The project offers a six-month fellowship for journalists (fact-checkers) to incorporate fact-checking into their work and another six-month fellowship for scholars (researchers) to conduct original research for publication in contribution to building knowledge around information disorder. Over 50 fact-checking fellows and 21 research fellows have participated in the project since its commencement in 2019.

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Campus Fact-checking Project

The Campus Fact-checking Project is designed to address concerns of poor journalism, unprofessionalism, and ethical lapses leading to the spread of misinformation by media professionals. The project offers journalism, media and communication students the opportunity to acquire real-world experience while still in school through mentorship. The Campus Fact-checking Project has also built a strong network of student fact-checkers who serve as ambassadors against misinformation and disinformation in their respective schools and has graduated students who contribute quality content to and are working in prominent newsrooms and institutions in Ghana, where it was first piloted.

Capacity-building workshops

Building the capacity of media professionals, CSOs and citizens.