The Next-Gen Campus Reporter of The Centre for Journalism Innovation and Development is a learning platform for undergraduate students who are passionate about honing their writing and journalistic skills and are interested in pursuing a career in journalism. The project is built on the principles of ethical and evidence-based reporting. The Next-Gen Network, the largest pool of campus journalists in West Africa has active student journalists spread across West African Anglophone countries.  This is the outcome of the successful engagement of over 1700 youths in 30 tertiary institutions across West Africa since the project’s inception in 2017.

The project facilitates the emergence of a well-equipped and empowered generation of journalists leading the media to new heights in sub-region Africa. Beyond the training phase, the project opens internship and dedicated mentoring opportunities for student journalists. As a result, a new generation of young and vibrant journalists are enhancing newsrooms with their acquired professional media skills to tackle information disorder and promote social accountability, good governance and peace in West Africa.

See what some of our alumni are up to below and read stories authored by trained students here.