Accountability Programme

Our Accountability Programme

The accountability programme ties together our intervention that directly impacts the credibility of interventions citizens get from elected leaders. Currently, the programme straddles social accountability through its UDEME project, electoral accountability through the Media in National Elections (MiNE) and judicial accountability through the Law Democracy and Journalism (LDJ) project.

Media in Nigeria Elections (MiNE) Project

This project aims to deepen democratic engagement in elections through professional reporting, Observing elections, strategic collaborations, and providing platforms for in-depth dialogue.

Law, Democracy, and Journalism Project

The LDJ project is a transparency and accountability mechanism aimed at interrogating the intersection of law and democracy through the prism of journalism.


This is a Social Accountability project which aims to use technology and professional reporting to galvanise citizens to get involved in tracking and implementing various projects promised by the Government.

Upcoming Events

Climate Change Media Workshop (in-person event)

15TH – 17TH AUGUST 2022

Climate Change Media Workshop (online event)

24TH – 26TH AUGUST 2022

Data Workshop for Climate Reporting